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Initial Public Offering, M & A, Crossborder, Accounting & Tax professionals aim your growth as your partner.

Initial Public Offering – IPO

We have ample experience as an IPO advisor for both Japanese growth market “Mothers” and “JASDAQ”. We can provide you experience-based consulting, not only theory-based.

  • Structuring system for financial reporting or/and management system for IPO

Consultations on:

  • How to deal with stock exchange, securities companies and auditors
  • Applications for IPO
  • Capital policies

Merger and Acquisition – M & A

M&A is an essential strategy for company growth during recent years. We aim to maximize the company’s value throughout the entire M&A process including planning M&A strategy,execution, and closing contracting.

  • Financial advisory service
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Valuation for company’s value


We have provided companies from 11 various countries through our various crossborder services, such as determining the appropriate scheme to expand business to each country,pre-entering or post-entering operation advisory.

  • IN-OUT service (Japanese company expanding overseas)
  • OUT-IN service (non-Japanese company expanding to Japan)

Accounting & Tax

Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Accountant provide you accounting and Tax services for listed and not-listed companies as your management’s partner.

  • Accounting consulting
  • Tax consulting
  • Outsourcing of accounting and/or book keeping
  • Business management service