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Accounting & Tax

Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Accountant provide you accounting and Tax services for listed and not-listed companies as your management’s partner. We provide our clients a wide range of services in accounting and tax field.

Accounting & Tax

We provide various consulting services to listed company and non-listed company.

Consultations on J-SOX

Provide support in:

  • Disclosure for listed company
  • Applying new accounting standard
  • Undergoing audit

Consultations on:

  • Monthly and/or consolidated financial system building
  • Corporate organization upgrading, corporate rules and regulations building
  • Applying legal corporate turnaround method

Tax consulting

We provide various tax consulting such as international taxation consulting and asset taxation consulting to both Japanese and non-Japanese companies.

  • International taxation consulting
  • Transfer pricing consulting
  • Inheritance and succession of business consulting

General Certified Tax Accountant affairs

We provide general tax services such as preparing tax returns etc. to both corporations and individuals.

  • General tax advisor for a corporations and n individuals
  • Monthly review for accounting
  • Preparing tax return for corporate tax and consumption tax and other taxes
  • Other Japanese mandatory tax affairs

Outsourcing of accounting and/or book keeping

Clients can outsource accounting affairs to us in whole or in part. Outsourcing helps our clients to focus on their core business priorities.

Outsourcing of:

  • Accounting and/or book keeping
  • Cash management
  • Management of account receivable and payable
  • Calculation of payroll
  • Calculation of withholding tax
  • Accounting document filing
  • Social insurance affaires

Business management service

We support business management system building depends on client’s needs based on IPO consulting.
We provide optimal support by developing customized business management systems depending on the clients needs, based on IPO consulting.

  • Building segment accounting
  • Building budget management system
  • Supporting corporate rules and operation manuals
  • Statement of cash receipts and disbursement service