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Initial Public Offering – IPO

We have ample experience as an IPO advisor for both Japanese growth market “Mothers” and “JASDAQ”. We can provide you experience-based consulting, not only theory-based.
* Mothers: Market of the high-growth and emerging stocks market in Tokyo stock exchange
* JASDAQ : Japan Securities Dealers Association Quotation System in Osaka stock exchange

Structuring system for financial reporting or/and management system for IPO

We support structuring financial reporting or/and management system for IPO.

Consultations on:

  • Management system and budget system building
  • Business plan making
  • Monthly and/or consolidated financial system building
  • Cost accounting system building
  • Corporate organization upgrading and/or corporate rules and regulations building
  • J-SOX

Consultations on how to deal with stock exchange, securities company and auditors

A company that aims at IPO needs to be reviewed and audited by securities exchange,securities company and audit corporation.
We support clients on how to react to these entities based on our experiences from actual listed companies that have been supported by us.

Support on how to:

  • Prepare for reviews by securities exchange and securities companies.
  • React to field investigations and hearings by securities exchange
  • Answer to inquiry documents of securities exchange and securities companies
  • React to audit companies

Consultations regarding application for IPO

We support in the preparation of applications for IPO, building disclosure system which is reviewed by securities exchange and securities company.

  • Provide support in preparing applications for IPO
  • Provide support for test preparations of brief announcement regarding current financial statements and quarterly reports.
  • Consulting for quarterly disclosure system building

Consulting for capital policy

Capital policy strategy is continuing process from the beginning to post-IPO.We support our clients from first capital strategy planning phase to the actual execution phase on an ongoing basis.

Consultations on:

  • Capital policy planning
  • Introducing stock option
  • To act as advisor during execution phases on a continuous basis Introducing venture capital