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M&A – Merger & Acquisition

M&A is an essential strategy for company growth during recent years. We assist in maximizing the company’s value throughout the entire M&A processes including planning M&A strategy, execution, and closing contracting.

Financial advisory services

We provide financial advice through the entire M&A processes from M&A strategy planning to closing contract.

  • Consulting for M&A strategy and scheme planning
  • Provide support in reaching the target of maximizing company value.
  • Provide support in executions, price negotiations, closing contracts./li>

Financial and tax due diligence

We investigate a target entity from a point of financial and tax view.

  • Analyzing for quality of earnings
  • Analyzing for quality of assets
  • Figure out off balanced debt
  • Figure out tax issues
  • Scheme simulation


We provide various professional valuation methods not only for M&A but also for stock option, inheritance tax provision etc.

  • Valuation for business value
  • Valuation with Japanese taxation method
  • Valuation for stock option